Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cruise Countdown: 4 days left!

I'm going on a vacation, see? Because the last trip I took that wasn't for a wedding/graduation/funeral/something not quite vacationy, was in 1991. Let's refer to that date as Nineteen Hundred and Ninety One, just to emphasize the fact the it was way too freakin' long ago. So, yeah, over a DECADE ago. I guess you get the picture. (We went to Panama City... that college student destination for spring breakers everywhere.)

So this time... I'm going on a cruise. I've always wanted to go, and I'm so darn excited I'm about to peepee in my knickers.

I'm going all by my lonesome, since all my friends are too broke, or married, or something. (Okay... I didn't actually bother to ask anyone. Cuz', well, I kinda want to go alone- follow my own agenda, do my own thing. Call me crazy if you will.)

I got a balcony room, which I was surpised to learn cruise ships even have. I hope there are some serious safety bars on those puppies! So, I'm taking along some books which I just splurged on at Barnes and Noble, and plan to sit on my balcony all day long and read, and maybe venture out now and then to socialize. We'll see.

Here's what I'm thinking at this point:

• Crap, I live in Wisconsin and am a sun-phobe; I don't have any stinkin' shorts.
• Where'd I put my stupid bathing suit? (And doesn't every gal look forward to putting on their bathing suit... in the winter?)
• Are they going to be able to feed a vegan? Or will I have to eat plain lettuce every day? I'm not a freakin' rabbit, ya' know. ( Uh, nothing against rabbits. I actually think they are quite cute. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. )
• Please please please oh please don't let me miss one of my connections.
• See above.

Here's the connections plan:
• Sometime after ringing in the new year, say about 2 minutes, try to get a taxi to haul my ass to the bus stop. (Call my crazy, but I'm thinking the taxi co.s will be a little busy hauling around a lot of drunkards around then.) Backup plan: Call brother crying, beg for ride to bus stop.
• 2 a.freakin'.m. Sunday morning, bus from Miami to chicago
• 9 a.m. Fly out of Chicago to Miami

Wish me ruck.


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