Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Star Has Stopped Shining

I'm sure someone could read something into that... but I mean it quite literally. After years of looking at a Christmas Tree (already a bit too Charlie Brown by my taste) with a forlornly empty top branch, I finally bought a tree topper.

Being agnostic (but the kind that still likes to do holiday shit, like give my family presents, eat, and sit around and be generally lazy), I didn't want a frilly angel in a white dress, so I went the star route. (yeah yeah, it's no doubt a north star reference, but I'm pretending it's more general. Plus, I like stars. Get off my back already!)

Too bad they're now sold out at Hallmark.

Someday I'll have a shining star again. Maybe for now I can just stick a piece of tin foil up there.


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