Friday, December 30, 2005

Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

Well, I just got home from dinner with my brother David, his husband Bryan (yes, you read that right) and my friend Celena.

Because I am one of those annoying people that has irresistable urges to provide everyone with nicknames, I shall henceforth refer to the above named people as Doodee, BB and Weena.

So, Weena came over to have dinner at the boys house- she is my former neighbor and became friends with them through me. The story: After dating a couple of years, Doodee and BB (aka "The Boys") got married in Toronto last year. They bought some crappy gold rings to seal the deal. As it happens, Weena knows how to make jewelry. So I suggested she make them some new wedding rings, and the rest is history.

Her first paid jewelry gig, a discount custom ring deal for the boys, and I get to take credit for the match-up. It's a win-win all around!

So, the rings... they's bootyfull, ain't they!

By the way... if you are rational enough to realize that the world won't explode because gay couples get married, visit


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