Thursday, December 15, 2005

Vegetarian View: Tofurky- how real is too real?

One of my cats practically mauls me whenever I am eating the sliced "turkey" from Tofurky.

You may have heard of it- it's not really turkey at all, but a wheat/soy product. Yeah, one of those crazy hippy veggie concoctions (hooray for hippy veggies!). Yes, it's actually pretty tasty. Surprisingly turkey-like, which for me is actually something of a turn off. (Hey, when you haven't been eating animals for over two decades, products that really resemble meat can seem a wee bit freaky.)

Anyhoo, this cat (usually very mellow) acts as if her world will absolutely end if I don't share the Tofurkey with her.

It usually plays out something like this:

Me, sitting quietly, enjoying my tofurkey sammich: Chew chew chew. Chew.

Her, sleeping quietly until she realizes THE TOFURKEY IS OUT: "meow? meeooow? Meooow? MEOW? MEEOOWW WILL YOU GIVE ME THE DAMN TOFURKY ALREADY YOU STUPID TWO LEGGED THING?!?"
(this is of course accompanied by a expression of extreme anguish, if a cat can be said to have such a thing.)

Why does she like it so much?
Should I be concerned?
Maybe Tofurky is run by some crazy carnivorous evil pranksters who thunk it'd be a hoot to slip some innocent vegetarians bonified bird meat. And the FDA is in on it.
Good think I'm not paranoid.

Come to think of it, both the cats also like Tofutti (soy ice cream), mock duck (wheat gluten) and even soy milk. Go figure.

I really shouldn't be surprised. This particular kitty ("Sister", the piggy one) eats so fast she pukes up half of her meals. I've said more than once that one of these days I'll going to slip in the shower, hit my head, and the cat will gnaw me down to my skeleton before someone finds me. Talk about food issues.

Well hell, I've written and entire post about a cat here, so I might as well add a picture too. (FREAKING CAT LADY)


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