Sunday, January 15, 2006


yes, you read that right. Fecal as in poop. Vomiting, as in vomiting.

I hope you are snacking on a brownie or bean dip right now. Or on anything for that matter. Unless it has lots of fiber in it, in which case I won't discourage you. But just stop chewing for a little bit before you keep reading.

My pals and I were recently discussing Howard Stern's rating on the Skank-o-Meter, and someone brought up one "interesting" guest, a porn star who said that you can actually throw up poop. (I forgot to ask him why he was listening to Howard Stern in the first place...)

We all of course began a debate about how unlikely that is and the reasons why. We left it at "well, someone ought to look it up" and of course no one did.

Saturday I went on a little road trip with a couple fellow vegan freaks, and one of them mentioned that there was a problem these days with some children getting too little fiber. Some get so little fiber that they become constipated to the point of developing a bowel obstruction, and then progressing onto... fecal vomiting.

Hearing about this phenomenon twice in one week was enough to prompt me to look it up. Yes, it's real and it happens. It's even in the dictionary.

Let's all just give up a fervent prayer that none of us ever experiences this. I'm an agnostic and still consider praying to be sound advice. When you're talking about puking poop, you just don't wanna take your chances. Ew.


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