Thursday, January 19, 2006

MAKIN' STUFF: Brown Bag Gift Wrap

Recently I gave someone a gift (yet another one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world) and didn't feel like using regular gift wrap for several reasons.

A) It's boring
B) I ran out of gift wrap and didn't want to buy more

C) I like to make stuff
D) Favoritest people deserve a little extra.

So, I wrapped the gift in a brown grocery bag. I really liked the result so I'm sharin' it here. First I wrapped the gift (a big ol' book). Then I thought it needed something else, so I made a bow out of the scraps.

Splotches helped.

For the bow, I used 8 long strips of paper. With each piece, you overlap the ends, then put all the loops together, and join them with a staple or however you'd like. I used a metallic button to hold this one together (with needle and thread). Then you attach the whole deal to the gift. Easy! I also had another gift, which was just in a small lunch bag. It is held shut with a glass/plastic eyeball (haha, yeah. It's the kind used for stuffed animals I think.).

All done!

It was a lot of fun doing this- I think next time I will use newspaper or newspaper comics. Oh, or fabric.

Let me know if you have any fun gift wrapping experiences yourself!


Blogger Mr. Blonde said...

I suck at gift wrapping... always asked my girlfriend nicely to do it for me... but them the recipient of the gift would always know that I didn't wrap... oh well.

1:51 PM  
Blogger najjie said...

Hey Mr. Blonde!

I think you should just go with the suckiness. Wrap it in something ridiculous like paper towels, foil, or junk mail. At least it'd be novel!

Hmmm, junk mail... I'll have to remember that one.

12:38 PM  

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