Monday, January 30, 2006


Have you heard of Kopi Luwak coffee?

When I say "crap coffee" I mean it in literal-ish terms. I cannot vouch for the taste, never having tried the stuff, so it could possibly taste like sweet sweet ambrosia.

Luwaks are marsupials which consume ripe coffee cherries... and out come the beans which are collected to sell to discriminating (?) coffee drinkers. Oh, and we can't discuss Luwak coffee without taking a lookit this animation.

I'm sure there are endless descriptions to be found of how carefully cleaned the beans are and how they provide a unique and superior cup of coffee, but I'm just a low-class gal who thinks coffee beans that have been pooped are less appealing than the undigested kind. (Well, we all have to work within our limitations.)

If you've ever had it, (bully for you, for not being too cowardly like some of us) let me know what you thought. Yeah, the chances of anyone reading this post is small enough, but someone that's actually had this coffee is more than a little slim. It does cost oh, about $175.oo per pound, which significantly narrows the consumer base. That's a lotta dough for a cuppa jo! Guess I'm gonna have to stick with regular old coffee. Dang.


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